Tennis Feet

Tennis puts a lot of street and strain on feet and legs due to the cutting, turning and sliding as you move around the court during a match.

Tennis injuries range from simple to more serious when professional advice and treatment are needed. We give honest straightforward advice on injuries, training and tennis shoes.

Having healthy, biomechancially stable feet is the first prerequisite for achieving healthy sporty feet.

Common Tennis Injuries – and yes some are so common they have ‘Tennis’ in their title:

Tennis Leg
This is a tear in the calf muscle at the back of the leg not of the Achilles tendon usually due to a combination of too good shoe traction on surfaces and a sudden change of direction. Pain will be towards the middle or top of the muscle and there may be some associated swelling followed by bruising.

Sprained Ankles
These are the most common tennis injuries that we see. Ankle sprains usually happen when the foot rolls outwards and causes pain and swelling on the outside of the ankle. Immediate compression, icing and elevation is the 1st line treatment.

Bringing painful knees, legs, feet or an aching lower back to the court can prevent you from playing to the best of your tennis potential!

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