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With the country in lock-down and everyone social distancing we have had numerous patients both new and existing contacting us about video consultations, which is great.

GP’s & physiotherapists have been doing this for years now with great success and numerous studies have shown that it can be just as effective as face to face consultations

Have you been suffering with foot or leg problems but have been just putting up with it or not had time to get it looked at? A video podiatry consultation may be what you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some FAQs we get about our video consultations.

The Number 1 question I get asked is… How can you help my foot and leg problems with out being able to touch me?

The first thing is to try and determine a correct diagnosis. This is done by taking a thorough clinical history, guided physical palpation and other assessments via picture and video.
Once we know exactly what is wrong with your foot or leg, prescribing a home based treatment plan can be extremely effective.

Another question we often get asked is… OK so now I know what is wrong with me how are you able to help me via video or email?

Well there are a number of different options for this, We can send you a full rehabilitation program with videos and pictures of specific exercises.

If necessary we can provide the products required for you to treat your condition at home via the post or links to where you can purchase them yourself. This may include orthotics, medication and treatments for skin and nail conditions.

Another option for our foot and leg pain patients is guided video follow ups where we will guide you through your personal stretching, strengthening or self mobilisation exercises.

It’s important to note that not all problems can be managed at home, some conditions will require physical treatment, this can be arranged once the government lock-down guidelines have been relaxed.

What is required for a video consultation?

Five items are required:

1. Zoom App (Free App available on Android and iOS).
2. Felt Tip
3. Ruler
4. Chair
5. Internet Connection or 4G Mobile Connection


How much does it cost?

Foot & Ankle pain consultation-  €45

Skin or nail condition consultation- €25

How do I Book?

Follow the link below to book a slot, payment is taken via telephone prior to consultation.



Why not use this time during lock-down to focus on getting your foot and ankle problems sorted?

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