Orthotics are prescribed only when completely necessary and are used in conjunction with Foot Mobilisation and corrective exercises to alleviate common foot problems.

Foot orthotics sit comfortably under your feet inside the shoe. They are prescribed after a biomechanical assessment and are used to improve foot function, support the foot as the foundation for the body and to redistribute forces through the foot and lower limb.

Manufactured to exacting specifications of the foot (from a plaster mold) for the purpose of:

Alleviating foot pain

Heel Pain

Controlling / correcting abnormalities in walking pattern

Controlling movement for the competitive athlete

Providing cushioning, or shock absorbency for the patient who stands or walks all day.

Helping the geriatric patient with a need for general support and to aid walking

Helping patients with knee, hip or back pain which originates at the foot

Custom orthotics should only be prescription medical devices made specifically for your foot and made to take into consideration any abnormal foot structure and function, to provide you with the ultimate of comfort and control.

Prescription Custom Foot Orthotics are custom made using digital cad/cam technology. Our clinic uses a digital lab to manufacture all prescription custom foot orthotics. The lab uses cad/cam technology to produce an orthotic that is the perfect shape, maximising comfort and function.

Many factors are considered prior to prescribing orthotics including;

Site of injury or problem
Type of injury or problem
Degree of correction needed
Activity level
Type of activity
Body Weight
Patient convenience

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