“Fix your foot pain with natural treatment avoiding tablets, changing shoes, surgery or orthotics – 95% of our patients never need orthotics or insoles.”

Foot Mobilisation

In our clinics we specialise in achieving dramatic improvements with natural corrective podiatry, which strengthens and straightens feet using foot mobilisation and exercises. This much sought-after process is unique to us in Ireland and is highly effective.

Foot Mobilisation Techniques ‘FMT’ are a proven treatment solution, that uses the ‘hands-on’ techniques of joint mobilisation and manipulation, combined with corrective exercises, to fix the cause of foot, heel, ankle, leg, knee, hip & back pain and without the need for shoe inserts (orthotics), surgery or medication.

The focus of foot manipulation techniques is to provide long lasting improvements to foot and leg problems.
This gentle technique stimulates the body’s inherent desire to repair & restore itself.

Foot Mobilisation has its roots in manipulative therapy, which is a long-established technique widely used by the physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathic professions.

Even if you currently use orthotics or insoles FMT can improve overall foot function.

The Foot Mobilisation Treatment

Hands-on healing through joint mobilisation and corrective exercises stimulate your body’s natural repair systems. Each visit will promote the following restoration processes:

Improve mobility by breaking up adhesions and restrictions around the joints

Improve postural stability by stimulating the body’s proprioceptive (balancing) system

Improve muscle strength by invigorating the nerve messages sent from the brain to the relevant muscles

Reduce the ‘pain messages’ sent to the brain by stimulating the joint

While the treatment only takes a few minutes, the listed effects last for 48-72 hours.

Repeated consistently, the effects will continue to last longer and longer.

Foot Mobilisation treats the following common foot problems along with many others:

Heel Pain
Arch Pain
Ankle Pain
Shin Splints
Cuboid Syndrome
Knee, Hip and Back Pain Problems related to the way you walk.

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