Everyone thinks they have Flat Feet or the flattest feet or collapsed arches or fallen arches and that this is what
causing their foot and leg problems - they may be right but it's not just about flat feet.
We give straightforward and honest advice on your feet and what's best for you.
There are multiple issue that can cause foot, leg, knee, hip and back problem and our expert podiatrists
are ably qualified to deal with any issues that you have.

How flat are they? - we can arrange weight bearing x-rays of your feet and ankles
to show you how flat and compare this to normal joint alignment.
X-ray facilities in our Clontarf, Clane, Greystones, Belfast and Dundalk clinics.

We can liaise with your GP , physio, chiropractor, osteopath, surgeon
or other health professionals and are regularly consulted for second opinions.

Free telephone consultations – find out more about treatments and help available and get the best advice.

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