Children’s Feet

We give straightforward and honest advice on feet and what’s best for your children.

Our podiatrists are up to date with the latest research  about children’s foot and lower limb conditions, in particular relating to gait (walking style) and postural control (gross motor skill development).

Free telephone consultations – find out more about treatments and help available and get the best advice.

You should contact us when:

you child has any pain, soreness, stiffness especially after sport or exercise
you first are aware of your child’s foot or leg issues
a relative or friend makes a comment about your child’s feet
your child wants to carried when your out and about

We treat:

Flat Feet and Fallen Arches
Gait (walking related problems)
Foot, heel, ankle, shin, knee, hip and back issues
In-toeing / Out-toeing
Limb length differences
Sports Injuries
Hammer Toes

We may where needed help feet and leg issues with:

Gentle Hands on Therapy
Orthotics or Insoles
Home Exercises
Footwear Advice
Sensible straightforward answers to all your questions

Knowledge is essential for the diagnosis of problems often mislabelled as “growing pains”.

Do not wait for children to grow out of foot problems as many do not.

If you child is going to grow out of foot problems you should notice steady and gradual improvement from week to week.

Critical aspects of postural development occur from birth until eight years when adult gait patterns are formed.

Growing pains can be an indication that something is wrong.


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