Why Your Ankle Pain Keeps Coming Back

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As we’re coming to the end of January, we’ve had a lot of people asking us questions about ankle pain and Achilles pain.

A lot of those who have been asking us these questions have taken up things like running or exercise as part of their New Years Resolutions.

Or it’s coming from people who have gotten back into running after the holidays.

The question normally goes something like this;

“Why does my Achilles pain keep coming back?”

In fact, a few weeks ago I had a new patient with that very same question.

The Achilles tendon sits at the back of your heel and is one of the thickest tendons in your body.

A lot of time if someone asks about ankle pain, it tends to be related to this tendon.

Now the patient in question is a very keen runner and needed to get fit for a sponsored run.

Although he knew that he was ‘running’ out of time, frustratingly hindered by this Achilles tendon pain that had stopped him from training before Christmas.

He’d had some treatment in the past, 1 or 2 sessions here and there to ease the tendons.

It worked for a while, but shortly after, the pain returned and he felt like he was back to square one.

Sound familiar?

I thought so!

The reason for this patient’s Achilles tendon pain coming back AND the reason for many individuals having recurrences of this pain, is that the ROOT cause was not identified!

In this case the root cause was the patients foot position.

But how can foot position affect your Achilles tendon?

Well, your feet are literally the foundations of your body, and as with the foundations of a house, if they’re not strong, cracks will appear.

In the same way if your feet are not in the correct position, more stress will be going through certain parts of your body (Achilles tendon) and you get pain.

It was identified through a thorough assessment that the patient was actually rolling over on one foot (foot arch dropped) too much.

When this happens, the Achilles tendon is put under more stress over time, getting tighter and tighter and rubbing more and more behind the heel.

Ultimately it becomes very sore!

It’s really no surprise that this pain kept coming back!

The root cause of this patient’s pain was corrected with prescription foot orthotics (customised insoles) being places into each shoe, to lift the arch of the foot up.

A treatment plan was also designed to reduce the pain, get the patient stronger, more flexible and ensure they can run without fear of this coming back again.

So make sure to have YOUR root cause identified so that you can get back to all activities comfortably and worry free!

Especially if your New Year Resolution involves being more active or taking up running.

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